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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

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 My name is Celestine Mills, a native of Jacksonville and a District Nine West Jax resident.    I am the proud mother of one son, Ranard Mills, and two grandchildren. My educational background includes graduating from Samuel Wolfson High School and the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management.


Included among my leadership experiences are Team Leader and Supervision in several Fortune 500 corporations; volunteering with Cities in Schools; mentorship; coaching Pop Warner Cheerleaders; serving as VP of the Sweetwater Athletic Association; The Clara White Mission; The City Rescue Mission; and other Non-Profit organizations.


Additionally, I serve as a director on the Board of Directors of  The Sassy Seniors & Steppers, Inc.; The Vice President of the Duval Charmettes, Incorporated, and a director of the National Congress of Black Women, Jacksonville, Florida Chapter.


Having developed, at an early age, a deep commitment toward family and community, I understand the importance of fostering positive inter/intra-neighborhood relationships. Our neighborhoods and communities have been enriched by the selfless and altruistic contributions made by ordinary people who make extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of others. I fully embrace that tradition of community involvement, volunteerism, and working with others to foment positive community outcomes.


Cohesive neighborhoods and communities distinguish great cities. I sincerely believe Jacksonville can become a great city by fortifying and strengthening its neighborhoods and communities. Particularly by eclipsing sloganeering and idle promises and investing resources in those "Barely Livable" neighborhoods stymied by unfulfilled promises, mandates, hand-shake agreements, and consultant studies.


As your representative on the City Council of Jacksonville, I will dutifully "Look, Listen, and Respond." By Look, it means that I will study, research, and explore the avenues and corridors of city government for district improvements. It is way past time for the "progress needle" to move clockwise.


To Listen means that I will dutifully listen to you, my constituents. Neighborhood Meetings will be scheduled so that we can "talk shop" and collectively get a fresh start. We will meet with every neighborhood that comprises District Nine to develop specific strategies for measurable improvement.


To Respond means that I will dutifully respond to you via website postings, emails, newsletters, phone calls, and, most importantly, conveying City Council District Nine's issues to the city council. When your requests are feasible, together, we will work toward resolution. When they are not, I will have the temerity to advise as such while seeking consensus.


Although I have not held office as an elected official, I ran second to the incumbent in the 2015 Democratic Primary and second in the runoff election in 2019. I have shadowed the district in council meetings, district matters, etc., for the past four years.  


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